At Sanofi Turkey, effective communication and dialogue between employees is indispensable. Sanofi Turkey establishes a foundation for internal communication mechanisms by keeping direct communication channels open to enable employees direct contact with senior management and to bring them together in various settings. The aim is to make high level of internal communication possible while ensuring that corporate culture is adopted.

Platforms for communication between employees and senior management at Sanofi Turkey include the internal email system, periodic company-wide meetings with the participation of all employees, newsletters shared with employees and “MySanofi,” the intranet system of the Company. In addition to platforms such as the regular Council on the Field Meetings, National District Managers Meetings, Sanofi Turkey Strategic Forum Meetings, Cycle Meetings, Town Halls, Sanofi Family Days, Birthday Breakfasts, Bi' Kahve (A Cup of Coffee) Meetings, ithink Meetings, Lüleburgaz Plant Senior Management Leadership Meetings, Lean Day Meetings, and Eureka Suggestion Systems, the senior management gets together with employees in various events organized throughout the year, which facilitate the employees' contact with the senior management. 

There is also an open door policy in place so that all Sanofi employees can easily reach their manager when needed. In Town Hall meetings organized quarterly, the Country Chair and Senior Management make informative presentations to all Company employees, and the employees direct their questions to the management. This makes the internal business flow faster and more efficient, while the keeping employee satisfaction rates high thanks to the principle of mutual dialogue. 

In Sanofi Turkey’s Lüleburgaz manufacturing site, there are written communication platforms in addition to ZenTV, bulletin boards, email system and intranet sites. The internal meetings held at the site include employee briefings, management meetings, Lean Day, Welcome cocktail, activities of the Social Events Team and the Communication Team, Farkındayız (We Are Aware) project seminars and project launch meetings. In addition, the Senior Management conducts informative meetings every quarter for employees and every monthly/bi-monthly for Department Heads and employees. 

Senior Management Leadership Meetings

Sanofi Turkey Country Council convenes every other month under the leadership of the Country Chair and participates in a number of workshops on leadership and teamwork. Decisions taken in these meetings are cascaded down to the teams by the participants.

Employee briefings are organized by the Industrial Operations Director at the Sanofi Lüleburgaz manufacturing site annually. In these meetings, employees are provided with information about the current issues in the organization and targets are shared. Furthermore, employees are offered the chance to express their views about various opportunities and challenges. The Industrial Operations Director also holds scheduled lunch-meetings with new recruits at regular intervals to provide information on the current state of the organization and asks for suggestions from their perspective, while explaining issues of concern.


All improvements and updates in the Sanofi Manufacturing System (SMS) are shared with employees on the “Lean & SMS Day,” organized annually at the Sanofi Turkey manufacturing site, where team leaders share the lean practices that make a difference, with the participants. 

The Industrial Operations Director, Human Resources Manager and Lean and Performance Manager share each year’s priorities, performance development at the plant, “Lean & SMS” projects implemented and speak about the Lean management / SMS culture. An independent trainer/consultant is invited to provide a seminar in accordance with the concept of the year, where all executives and employees involved participate. Other Sanofi plant managers in the same region and Lean and Performance Managers, along with relevant Sanofi Turkey executives, are also invited to attend this event. Successful Lean practices among completed projects in specific categories are selected and awarded in accordance with the recognition and rewarding policy. At the end of the program, participants are handed out brochures containing information about the Sanofi Manufacturing System, lean practices, projects that make a difference and organizational priorities. 


The regional meetings, organized since 2011 with the participation of the country management team, were held under the name 'Council on the Field' in various regions including Samsun, Adana, Bursa Konya, Izmir and Istanbul between 2014-18. Country Council on the Field Meetings bring the Country Management Team, Sales Directors/Managers, National Key Account Managers and national Wholesale Trade Managers together with field teams. In the field meetings, “Speed-Networking” events were organized in which the management team had short face-to-face conversations in order to get to know the medical sales representatives in the districts, and to get detailed information about their work.  


With the first event held in 2013 at the Sanofi Turkey manufacturing site, meetings between the Management Committee and District Managers are organized annually under the sponsorship of the Country Chair. In these meetings, participants exchange views on the agenda, designed with the aim of understanding mutual needs and expectations. To perform better as a team and improve the field teams’ loyalty, topics that may be improved and development areas are discussed and roadmaps are developed.


Sanofi Turkey’s Cycle Meetings are the largest annual in-house events bringing together all Sanofi Turkey employees working at the Head Office, Field Teams, Manufacturing Site and Tuzla Distribution Center. Cycle Meetings usually take place with nearly 950 employees in attendance. The main objectives of the meetings include briefing all employees about company performance, targets and priorities as well as recognizing and rewarding successful activities. Starting from 2017 onward, the Cycle Meetings have been renamed “One Sanofi Summit.” 


Since 2014, 37 Town Hall meetings were led by the Country Chair and with the participation of the senior management of Sanofi Turkey. These meetings are held at the end of each quarter. Additional Town Hall meetings are organized for Global and Regional Executives visits to Sanofi Turkey to allow employees hear senior management’s messages directly. The Town Hall meetings through the year are webcasted live and shared with all Sanofi Turkey employees, ensuring participation of nearly 1,200 people. In 2018, six Town Hall meetings were organized, including those attended by the Head of Sanofi Eurasia and Middle East David Khougazian and the senior management team. During these meetings, general information including performance evaluations of Sanofi and Sanofi Turkey, strengths and development areas of the Company and market conditions are shared and questions raised by the employees are answered, ensuring that all information is shared in a transparent manner.


Sanofi Family Day is a social event, bringing together Sanofi Turkey employees, their spouses, children and loved ones. The event, which was first held on May 29, 2016 in Istanbul, was organized in 2018 simultaneously across 20 regions chosen according to staff density throughout the country including Istanbul.


At the birthday breakfast events, organized every other month since May 2013, the Country Chair joins about 240 employees every year.


Since January 2015, Sanofi Turkey’s Country Chair has been meeting with employees at the Head Office and the Istanbul Regional team approximately 8 times a year to hold one-hour chats called Bi’Kahve (A Cup of Coffee). At these informal meetings employees express their views and opinions about the activities, priorities and projects of Sanofi Turkey in an open discussion environment. To date, the Country Chair met 125 employees, including 70 from the head office and 55 from the field team in 25 Bi’Kahve Meetings.


EUREKA Suggestion System, launched in 2017 for employees to submit their innovative ideas to contribute to the development of Sanofi Turkey, is available on MySanofi intranet page. This system allows all employees communicate their suggestions in writing using the suggestion boxes or in electronic form via tablets and computers. Employee suggestions are evaluated by pre-determined and authorized people according to their categories and feasible suggestions go through the approval process. General suggestions are evaluated by a committee formed by the EUREKA project team.