Sanofi Turkey carries out its operations in coordination with all relevant strategies and policies of Sanofi on equal opportunities and diversity. At Sanofi Turkey, equal opportunities are provided for all employees without discrimination. The equal opportunity and diversity management approach also aims for becoming a role model in the country, where we operate, by raising awareness on this topic. 

Sanofi Turkey provides all standards required by the equal opportunity model certification and is committed to increasing the ratio of women executives in the company, raising awareness through volunteering programs and creating social awareness by implementing sustainable goals in the field of equal opportunity and diversity. 

Human Rights

Sanofi Turkey acts in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights while conducting its operations. Sanofi Turkey attaches importance to the rights of all its stakeholders and respects human rights in the regions it operates. The Company regularly informs its employees on ethical principles and human rights.


The recruitment procedure includes Equal Employment Opportunity principles to ensure that the most suitable candidate is selected, taking into account skills and competencies for a position. In the business processes applied after recruitment, all managers are obliged to ensure that no employee is subjected to discrimination in terms of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, marital status, race or family affiliations.

Based on the results of the People Survey, conducted in June 2018 with the voluntary participation of 92% of white collar employees, the performance of Sanofi Turkey in the Equality and Diversity dimensions was well appreciated both in relation to Sanofi and pharmaceuticals sector averages. It was underlined (with 85% of the employees confirming) that all employees in Sanofi Turkey, regardless of their background including gender, nationality, age and religion, can succeed at Sanofi and that Sanofi promotes diversity.

Mother-Baby Policy

At the Sanofi Head Office, twenty women took maternity leave in 2018, ten women benefited from unpaid maternity leave and nineteen of these employees returned to work. There is a nursing room in the Sanofi Head Office building. Female employees who take maternity leave have the right to benefit from unpaid leave for up to a year.  

An agreement is made with a nursery for young children of female employees working at the Lüleburgaz Plant. Within the year, nine women took maternity leave and all returned to work. No male employees took paternity leave.