R&D Investments are part of the essential requirements of sustainable development and at Sanofi Turkey they are regarded as a material topic with the aim of manufacturing high quality products preferred by stakeholders such as patients, healthcare professionals and investors, improving the Company’s position in all relevant sectors, making sure that it stands apart among competitors and ensuring product continuity by bringing advanced technology to Turkey.

Sanofi Turkey aims to differentiate itself in the industry by manufacturing medicines locally, contributing to knowhow and employment by bringing technologies not yet available in Turkey, ensuring continuity of quality products, promoting R&D projects through cooperation with universities and improving communication and information in dialogue with stakeholders involved in R&D investments. 

By ensuring continuity of R&D investments through performance and objectives set out accordingly, Sanofi Turkey is committed to manufacturing value-added products in Turkey and increasing activities to shorten time to market. 

Contributions to R&D Environment in Turkey

Sanofi Turkey is a board member of the Good Clinical Practices Committee of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD). Sanofi Turkey’s contributions in this respect include the following: 

  • Sanofi Turkey has played an active role in drafting directive regulating payments to researchers in the clinical trials to be conducted in the hospitals affiliated with the Turkish Public Hospitals Agency due to close cooperation with the agency. As a result, Sanofi Turkey provides major contribution in terms of researcher payment processes, currently applied in university hospitals, to be introduced in the hospitals affiliated with the Turkish Public Hospitals Agency as well.  
  • Sanofi Turkey supported acceleration of processes by taking an active role in updating the Turkish Ministry of Health’s regulations on Clinical Trials (parallel applications to Ethical Boards and the Agency, shortening approval processes, turning some applications into information without requiring approval, etc.)
  • Turkish Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (TUCRIN) is a communication network, established to improve the quality of clinical trials carried out in Turkey and the safety of trial subjects. The environment required for cooperation between clinical trial units and other relevant institutions is created through TUCRIN’s efforts and the National Clinical Research Infrastructure Network is built to promote, develop, coordinate and standardize national and international clinical trials in Turkey. Sanofi Clinical Trials Units responsible, along with representatives from the Ministry of Health and academics who are Opinion Leaders in this field serve on the Board of TUCRIN.