Sanofi Turkey is willing to contribute to Turkey's goal of becoming a global pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing center and promoting wellbeing. Therefore, reducing foreign trade deficit, increasing direct international investments, generated added value and domestic production of medicines and developing R&D capacity for biotechnology in particular through technology and knowhow transfer are among its corporate priorities. 

As a leading representative of Turkish pharmaceutical industry, Sanofi Turkey’s efforts over the past 6 decades have focused mainly on local manufacturing and R&D. Today, Sanofi Turkey produces 88% of its portfolio volume, 48% of its portfolio value, as well as 15% of the total pharmaceutical production at Sanofi Turkey Lüleburgaz manufacturing site, which is Turkey's biggest pharmaceutical manufacturing site with an annual production of 327 million boxes. A major manufacturing site both in Turkey and the world with GMP certificates from 22 countries, the Sanofi Turkey site exports to 49 countries including Germany, Britain, France, Australia and Japan. The R& Center located in Sanofi Turkey Lüleburgaz Manufacturing Site hast so far developed 64 new generic molecules covering 121 products at our R&D center. 


Women Leaders of the Future Program 
‘Women Leaders of the Future’ project, launched in 2010 by Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER) with the assistance of World Bank and continuously supported by Sanofi Turkey since its inception, is a long-term sustainable program that KAGIDER and Sanofi Turkey carry out to promote young women’s inclusion in economic and social life. Young women, who are new university graduates or seniors, with high success potential but lacking equal opportunity, are selected for the program, which has graduated about 700 women so far. Participants are supported with training and mentoring opportunities. The Program aims at facilitating job search processes, expanding communication networks, enabling participation in the workforce and enhancing social capabilities in order to strengthen the position of young women in society and professional life. The program offers a two-day training program to provide basic knowledge and skills for professional life, a perspective for career development and management and skills for securing employment. Furthermore, participants are offered opportunities to meet entrepreneurs and role models from business world. They are introduced to industries, businesses and entrepreneurship concepts. 

Young women who graduate from the ‘Women Leaders of the Future’ program after the trainings, receive the support of trainers, mentors and alumna of the program both to start new jobs and also in the early years of their careers. Alumni of the ‘Women Leaders of the Future’ are growing in number in the business world and they support one another through various communication channels, social media groups and periodical and regional gatherings. The training program, which was organized in 2018 and brought together 100 young women in Trabzon, will continue to make a difference for many more women in other provinces who are disadvantaged in terms of opportunities (