Sanofi operates in all segments of the healthcare industry in Turkey and has been a major player in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry for over 65 years, with commercial operations, R&D activities, manufacturing investments and exports.   

Sanofi strives to provide meaningful contribution to Turkey’s goals and localization policy in value added products, working on numerous projects to comply with policies aimed at improving Turkey’s competitive strength. The Company invests further in the country's economy and healthcare system, since Sanofi aims to have a leading role in achieving the development goals of Turkey. 

Sanofi Turkey, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, serving public health with nearly 1,800 employees, offers a broad range of products including innovative therapeutic solutions, biotechnological pharmaceuticals, vaccines, consumer healthcare products and branded generics, adding value to local economy and development. Sanofi in innovative pharmaceuticals and branded generics, Sanofi Pasteur, fully focused on vaccines, Sanofi Genzyme in rare diseases, oncology, MS and immunology and Consumer Healthcare Unit are gathered under the Sanofi Turkey umbrella.

Operating in the Turkish healthcare industry, Sanofi Turkey offers solutions in 16 main therapeutic areas with almost 275 products. Sanofi Lüleburgaz plant, the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Turkey, is also among the top three Sanofi plants worldwide. Spread on a total area of approximately 50 football stadiums, the plant features state-of-the-art equipment and the latest innovations, producing highest quality pharmaceuticals in various forms in global healthcare standards and carrying out R&D activities.

Increasing the local added value, improving efficiency and competitiveness by focusing on innovation, R&D activities and developing technology form the basis for Sanofi Turkey's management approach to localization policy.