Employee Development

Overall there are groups of training provided for our employees: These are leadership, skill development and orientation trainings. These trainings are delivered as in-class group trainings, electronic (iLearn) trainings and individual trainings and provided by in-house trainers, training consultancy firms and online platforms. The Company offers employees an online platform, under global contract, for learning a foreign language as well. Trainings for technical skill development are also planned and organized. Lüleburgaz Site employees are given on-the-job training, including training on methods and regulations, and practical training using machinery and equipment by their line managers or experts of the relevant subject, within the framework of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) rules. 

Another platform, also under global contract, enables employees with access to reading materials on different subjects, supporting them towards continuous learning. Employees are allowed to take unpaid leave and interest-free loans for graduate studies. Our employees have the opportunity to become trainers in international trainings. Similarly, at the Lüleburgaz site, employees are offered various trainings, opportunities for graduate studies, job placement support for employees who have been laid off, participation in career days, and paid leave for training. 

The development areas of employees (in terms of both performance and talent management) are identified and personal plans defined for their improvement. Within the same system, potential future positions of employees and their estimated due dates are determined. The Company has a development program for employees, who serve on the field as Promotional Reps, to prepare for the role of District Manager as the next career step. Since 2010, all District Manager appointments have been made from this pool of people, who successfully completed the development program. Employees who are laid off receive assistance in the form of a Career Support Program. 

The IT department provides distance learning and face-to-face training sessions to enable employees to use applications more effectively and efficiently during Cycle meetings. In addition, an ITSRoadshow was held with a wide participation in December 2018 to promote new technologies used within Sanofi.

Field Team Performance Improvement

Aiming to raise efficiency of the sales teams, Sanofi launched optimization activities in 2017 to enhance the efficiency and quality of the processes. Accordingly, Sanofi Turkey released the “Sales Team Bonus and Performance Appraisal Procedure.” Thereby it was confirmed that Sanofi Turkey has a fair and common target and bonus system for all sales teams. 

The “Field Team Certification” project was also launched to improve the work quality of Sales Teams on the field in 2018. This project aims to measure the marketing and medical knowledge level of the sales teams about the products they promote and to ensure compliance with pharmacovigilance and Company Code of Ethics.

Performance System

The Company uses the global performance appraisal system of Sanofi. In this system, priorities of the employees are set at the beginning of the year. After a review in the middle of the year, their whole performance is evaluated at the end of the year. This process is carried out via an electronic system. Employees are evaluated in terms of their competencies and job targets. Throughout the year, both employees and managers are informed about the mechanisms and philosophy of these processes through trainings and via email.

IT Department's Productivity Efforts

Within the scope of virtualization, the IT team completed the virtualization of the financial reporting application (TM1) used in Sanofi Turkey. Capacity building was made to improve servers’ storage space. Distribution center ITS server room has been equipped with an environmentally sensitive Novec 1230 waterless fire suppression system. In order to improve the communication of Employees, international data line capacity and local Internet output have been increased. Thanks to this effort, the audio and connection problems experienced in online meetings were avoided.

Employee Benefits

Sanofi Turkey has a group retirement plan. Employees, who complete one year in the Company, are entitled to join this plan. They also benefit from private health insurance. If employees include their spouses and children in their policies, Sanofi covers 75% of the premium. Employees are also covered by life insurance. Our employees working at the Lüleburgaz Site are entitled to a group pension plan, health insurance and nursery facilities for the children between the ages of 2-6 of female employees. Blue-collar employees at the Lüleburgaz Plant are not included in the Individual Pension System (BES), Private Health Insurance and Life Insurance schemes. 

A collective agreement is signed every two years covering blue collar employees at our Lüleburgaz site. The most recent contract was signed in 2017. 


The performance of the group is evaluated and overseen based on the monthly reports submitted to the international division to which the Company reports, as well as through annual budget and forecasts for the year. Remuneration decisions are made by managers over Workday, the Global Human Resources Information System. When making suggestions over this system managers can view how an employee's salary ranks within the pay scale, performance score and the remuneration information covering the past years. In addition, employees can make requests to obtain the views of the stakeholders they work with (such as employees from a project team, or functional managers) in the performance management process. The views of these stakeholders are taken into account in the final performance appraisal decisions of the managers.

Operational Changes

Organizational changes within the Company are made in accordance with the rules set out in the relevant laws and regulations, and the notification of some changes may be made earlier than the legal notice period.