Head Office and Field employees

Sanofi Head Office and Field employees are included in the Occupational Health and Safety processes in accordance with our global and country standards and regulations. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee members include employees with different titles and duties. This Committee evaluates the suggestions and feedback from employees about Occupational Health and Safety, performs detailed analyses of occupational accidents, and provides the involvement of employee representatives in decisions related to Occupational Health and Safety such as training and the annual work plan. At the same time, the Committee provides Basic Occupational Health and Safety training to all our employees at the Head Office. The content of the training is updated every year and the annual work plan is shared with the employees. 

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee has 20 members consisting of Sanofi Turkey employees, and provides the involvement of Sanofi employees, trainees and suppliers in its work. Decisions taken by the Committee are added to suppliers' contracts in a separate section and apply to all suppliers.  

The emergency teams at the Head Office are prepared for potential emergencies by taking additional trainings. A building evacuation drill is carried out annually with the employees at the Head Office. Sanofi Turkey's Head Office is equipped with security cameras that monitor floor entrances and exits, as well as shutters and burglar alarms to ensure the physical safety of its employees. Moreover, there are two emergency exit doors on each floor which will allow escape in case of an emergency. Our fire extinguishers, fire hoses, sprinkler system, smoke detectors, emergency bags and first aid bags are checked regularly as part of emergency preparedness for physical safety. First aid certification trainings are organized for volunteer employees. 

Another important issue regarding Occupational Safety is traffic safety. Employees are required to pass a driving test before they are allocated company vehicles. These employees take a theoretical and practical Safe Driving Training every three years. We also provide e-learning trainings on various topics every year.  

Root cause analysis is conducted for each traffic accident involving company vehicles. Head Office employees, who drive, are included in communication campaigns on periodic driving license checks and road safety issues, while field employees are included in processes such as driving safety coaching, performance and certification assessments and driving safety. The Company has in place a system called “Safe Driving Assistant” to ensure safe driving for all Company vehicles. In this system, details of the traffic violations by the employees during their travels are reported without any location information. 

Employee Health and Safety Activities at the Lüleburgaz Plant

Protecting the health of employees and ecological environment are highly valued at Sanofi Turkey Lüleburgaz Plant. Therefore, the most advanced technologies have been used since the project phase of the manufacturing site by prioritizing investments related to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment in line with company policies and legal requirements. 

The plant holds certifications on ISO 14001 Environmental Management System since 1997 and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System since 2007; both certificates are still valid. One Workplace Physician, two Other Healthcare Staff and two Occupational Safety Specialists are employed full time at the plant. Furthermore, 24/7 private security service is in place to ensure the safety of the site and employees. The perimeter of the facility is equipped with barbed wires, while entries and exits to and from the site are checked for security. Surveillance cameras are installed in certain locations indoors and outdoors and these areas are continuously monitored. Furthermore, measures are taken against the possibility of leakage with motion sensors installed around the plant. 

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee at the Lüleburgaz Plant consists of management and employee representatives and carries out Employee Health and Safety activities. The Committee convenes monthly and introduces improvements in line with the opinions and suggestions of employees. Audits, monitoring and training activities are carried out under the responsibility of the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department. Employees are informed about the hazards in the work environment and potential risks of such hazards in trainings offered periodically. Periodical health checks are carried out by the workplace health unit. 

At the Lüleburgaz plant the ratio of our employees represented in the Occupational Health and Safety Committee to all employees is 2.1%. A representative of the trade union serves on the Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Health and safety issues are covered in the collective agreement with the trade union.

Twelve hours of basic occupational health and safety training is provided to all new recruits of the Lüleburgaz production plant. In addition, six hours of occupational health and safety refreshers are held every year for all employees. The content of training includes:


  • Occupational health and safety legislation, and basic rights and responsibilities of employees
  • Causes of work accidents and occupational diseases, and methods of prevention
  • Cleanliness and layout of the workplace
  • First Aid 
  • Emergencies, evacuation
  • Physical, chemical and ergonomic risk factors
  • Manual lifting and transfer (handling)
  • Safe use of work equipment
  • Safety and health signs
  • The use of personal protective equipment
  • General Occupational Health and Safety rules and safety culture
  • Process safety and explosion protection

Awareness campaigns on mental health are carried out at the site, providing information to the employees on this topic. All employees are offered the opportunity to get the flu vaccine. All hourly paid workers and full-time employees with the risk of exposure to chemical substances are included within the scope of the annual check-up program. Employees operating equipment with screens are provided with eye examination and those working in noisy environments receive periodic audiometric examinations.