The ‘Life in Sanofi’ program was launched in May 2014 to improve quality of life, motivation, performance and engagement of employees. The program was designed to support their work-life balance and personal development.

To support work-life balance:

  • Remote working practice is applied two days a month.
  • Flexible working hours are allowed. Employees may start a business day between 8:00 am and 9:30 am and end it between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm.
  • Unless there is an emergency, employees are not called after 6:30 pm on business days, on the weekends or during holidays.

In order to improve quality of life:

  • Yoga classes are offered by a professional trainer once a week at noon to support wellbeing. Participants are charged a symbolic fee (TL 50 for 2 months), which is donated to Les Enfants de Sanofi.
  • Two types of fruit are served at the Head Office every afternoon. Furthermore, milk, yogurt, ayran (a yogurt beverage) and mineral water are always available in the kitchens.
  • “Sanofi Children’s Day” is organized at the Head Office every year on the first business day following April 23 for the children of Sanofi employees. Children spend time in their parents’ offices and attend a festival, which features entertaining shows and activities in the conference hall. There is also an educational – informative event supported by Les Enfants de Sanofi. Within this scope, 3 events were organized including at the Head Office, Tuzla Warehouse, and Lüleburgaz Site. A total of 500 children attended these events with 125 children at the Head Office, 25 at the Tuzla Warehouse and 350 at the Lüleburgaz Site.  
  • Sanofi Social and Sports Clubs consisted of nine clubs in 2018. The budget allocated by Sanofi is utilized to organize activities for the club members or the entire company. The clubs are established on a voluntary basis by the employees. Various events were organized by the Soccer, Basketball, Adrenaline (outdoor sports), Running, Culture-Arts, Photography, Sanofi Moms, Table Tennis, Swimming, Rowing, Painting and Breathing Clubs. Sanofi Music Club band 'Sanofi Sounds' won the Best Performance Award at the 'Office to Stage' competition, a music competition between corporate companies. Sanofi Sounds, which consists of employees from various departments and levels, takes the stage in internal organizations.
  • During Ramadan and Eid holidays, all our employees are presented with Eid chocolates.
  • New Year’s parties are organized in December with the participation of Head Office employees.
  • Gift vouchers are presented to all our employees as New Year's gifts.
  • Twice a year, publishing houses are invited to sell books in their own stands with discounts for employees. 
  • Every year in December, on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a representative of an NGO is invited to speak about and raise awareness of life with disabilities. In 2018, a ‘sign language’ workshop was organized to support communication with the hearing impaired.
  • A foosball table and massage chairs were placed for the employees at the Head Office café. The revenue obtained from these machines, which are operated by inserting 1 TL, is donated to Les Enfants de Sanofi.
  • Expert speakers are invited for the intellectual development of employees and raising awareness about health issues among them. In 2018, seminars were held on the topic ‘life of working parents’.
  • Special days of employees: 

- For each new baby of a Sanofi employee, 7 saplings are planted through ÇEKÜL (Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage) and a certificate is presented with the baby’s name.

- For each new recruit, saplings are planted through ÇEKÜL and new recruits receive electronic certificates. We also plant saplings at the Sanofi Grove located in the Tekirdağ Uçmakdere region.

  • A donation is made to the Turkish Educational Foundation if a first-degree relative of an employee is deceased.

Other activities we held with our employees in 2018 were as follows:  

  • In September 2018, a Sanofi Family day/picnic was organized with the participation of approximately 500 employees and their families.
  • On International Women's Day (March 8), women working at the Head Office, Lüleburgaz site and the field were presented with authentic local goods crafted by the women of Mardin. In the Country Chair’s Town Hall meeting on the position of women in Turkey and the world, a presentation was made at the Head Office, webcast live to all employees, on the differences and functioning of the male and female brain. 
  • On 29 October Republic Day flags and celebratory stickers were sent to our Head Office and Lüleburgaz employees.
  • In 2018, 49 employees participated in the “Corporate Games,” where sports competitions are held among corporations and won five medals. 

The satisfaction of its employees is Sanofi's first priority. All the activities carried out are planned and put into practice with this principle in mind. In order to constantly increase satisfaction rates, improvement areas are constantly questioned and improvements made. In this context, we started to conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey at Sanofi Turkey. The worldwide Sanofi People Survey 2017 was sent to all employees for the first time. All employees are asked the same questions. Participation rate of Sanofi Turkey employees to the global survey in 2018 was 92%. Survey results showed commitment rate of our employees at 75%.

Sanofi Turkey's 763 employees participated in the satisfaction survey conducted by the IT department in 2018. The survey process has been completed and Turkey has been the country with the largest participation rate in the region. Sanofi global achieved an average satisfaction level of 7.15 out of 10. In Turkey, satisfaction rate was scored 7.66, higher than the global average. The survey results pointed to mobile phone and business applications as an improvement area and we have started to develop improvement plans. Sanofi Turkey aims to maintain its satisfaction level above the global average by increasing and improving the quality of services it provides. 

Les Enfants de Sanofi is a non-profit organization established in 1993 in France to provide support for the children of Sanofi employees in health, education and family related issues. The organization is funded globally by Sanofi and the donations of its employees.

  • Individual Support: The organization provides financial support for children with medical problems, disabilities or who have difficulties in education, where Social Security Institutions fall short.
  • Collective Events: Collective events aimed at the needs of countries, vaccination and health screenings, informative events for health and education, etc. are organized.
  • Special Operations: Support is provided in major events or natural disasters.

A total of €424,267 in funds was provided to support the children of 65 Sanofi employees in Turkey since 1995. 

On Sanofi Children’s Day 2018, the importance of vaccines was explained to 500 children of employees to raise awareness.

Sanofi Turkey employees have donated €21,600 to Les Enfants de Sanofi Association since 1995.