Sanofi Turkey Decent Workplace Management Approach, created to achieve sustainable efficiency by improving employee loyalty, is implemented through surveys, prioritization studies and action plans in line with the principles of “Ask, Learn and Implement."

Sanofi Turkey strives to become the most preferred company in the industry offering a great workplace, while improving its efficiency and attracting future generations at the same time.

A. Open Communication

At Sanofi Turkey, effective communication and dialogue between employees is indispensable. Sanofi Turkey establishes a foundation for internal communication mechanisms by keeping direct communication channels open to enable employees direct contact with senior management and to bring them together in various settings. The aim is to make high level of internal communication possible while ensuring that corporate culture is adopted.


B. Employee Engagement

The ‘Life in Sanofi’ program was launched in May 2014 to improve quality of life, motivation, performance and engagement of employees. The program was designed to support their work-life balance and personal development.


C. Developing and Managing Human Capital

Overall there are groups of training provided for our employees: These are leadership, skill development and orientation trainings. These trainings are delivered as in-class group trainings, electronic (iLearn) trainings and individual trainings and provided by in-house trainers, training consultancy firms and online platforms. 


D. Employee Health and Safety

Sanofi Head Office and Field employees are included in the Occupational Health and Safety processes in accordance with our global and country standards and regulations. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee members include employees with different titles and duties.