Sanofi Turkey, in line with Sanofi’s goals for raising awareness about climate change, considers informing all key stakeholders, starting with employees and suppliers, on protecting the environment and raising their awareness to provide a cleaner world for future generations, among its material topics. 

Sanofi declares that its health, safety and environmental policy is an integral part of the overall group policy. It is the responsibility of the senior management to know and implement this policy and to ensure the participation of all employees. 

Sanofi Turkey is committed to maintaining dialogue platforms with relevant stakeholders regarding the development of environmental awareness within its impact and adopting a constructive and transparent approach. 

Environmental Awareness of Employees

Ensuring a high level of environmental awareness among employees is one of the most important steps of the environmental improvement activities that the Company carries out to minimize its negative impact on the environment and provide a better world for future generations. Only then can this awareness be spread across the rest of the community. Therefore, various activities are carried out in the Company to raise the environmental awareness of employees.  

To create environmental awareness in our employees, we provide them periodical information about reduction, separation and recycling, which is the order to be followed. All employees are sent informative e-mails emphasizing that our primary objective is to reduce waste and the use of water and electricity. Warning labels are placed in relevant areas to reduce energy and water consumption. In order to reduce the CO2 emissions of our company vehicles, Safe Driving Assistant system provides guidance to our employees to drive ecologically. Boxes are placed on every floor for collecting paper, glass, battery, plastic and household waste separately and we strive to create awareness for our employees so that they act with this awareness not only in the Company but also in their lives outside of work.

Every year, Sanofi celebrates the World Environment Day and organizes an awareness campaign on an environmental subject. On Sanofi World Environment Day 2018, we handed out biodegradable garbage bags to all our employees and collected the recyclable items in their lockers or the archives.

Employees are continuously informed about effective use of natural resources through bulletin boards and trainings at Sanofi Türkiye Lüleburgaz Plant. The level of environmental awareness is evaluated in accordance with the feedback received from employees. The satisfaction of employees on this topic is expressed in trainings and face-to-face interviews. The annual Environment Day celebrations help to raise awareness of employees on climate change and other environmental issues.

Environmental Awareness of Stakeholders

Creating awareness about the environment among not only our employees but also our stakeholders where we have a double responsibility is one of our important goals. For that, we carry out awareness activities for our suppliers. Suppliers with established Environmental Management Systems are preferred. Occupational Health, Safety and Environment trainings are provided for suppliers. The waste disposal and recycling/recovery facilities of the suppliers are periodically inspected.

In addition, we seek to embark on joint efforts with the government and official authorities. The Company maintains regular contact with the Ministries of Environment and Urban Planning, Forestry and Water Affairs and Labor and Social Security regarding Occupational Health, Safety and Environment issues within the framework of applicable legislation to ensure that legal requirements are met. The Company also contributes to the activities carried out by relevant Ministries (to increase quality of waste water across the country, waste cause by the pharmaceutical industry, etc.).