For a sustainable future, Sanofi Turkey commits to display an exemplary approach by complying with all laws and regulations on protecting the environment. For a healthy planet, explore Sanofi's priority areas focusing on Environmental Management System, Waste Management and Environmental Awareness.

1. Environmental Management System

Sanofi Turkey's Environmental Management System Policy complies with Sanofi's Health, Safety and Environmental Policy in all regions of its operations. This policy provides a framework of the Company's practices for both employees and business partners.  


2. Waste Management

Sanofi Turkey is committed to reducing and managing the waste with potential environmental and health impacts through efficient use of resources. 

Sanofi Turkey's waste management program covers all processes related to separating waste within the life cycle of its operations, identifying recycling and disposal models, collecting, classifying, storing, transporting, recycling and disposing of the waste without harming the nature, in accordance with laws and regulations.



3. Environmental Awareness

Sanofi Turkey, in line with Sanofi’s goals for raising awareness about climate change, considers informing all key stakeholders, starting with employees and suppliers, on protecting the environment and raising their awareness to provide a cleaner world for future generations, among its material topics.