As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Sanofi Turkey is committed to supporting and implementing key principles of human rights, employee rights, protection of the ecological environment and prevention of corruption. In line with this commitment of Sanofi Global, Sanofi Turkey’s Procurement Department is responsible for procuring goods and services according to the Company's sustainability strategy in Turkey.

Respect for Human Rights under the Business Ethics rubric, which is among Sanofi's strategic sustainability priorities, is monitored and assessed in terms of employee rights, preventing child labor, forced labor and discrimination across the entire supply chain.


Sanofi Turkey attaches importance to selecting and managing suppliers. While selecting suppliers, their human rights and employee rights practices, environmental applications, structures and any issues that might potentially pose a risk for Sanofi are taken into consideration. 

Sanofi partners with Ecovadis globally to evaluate the performance of its suppliers. In line with Ecovadis’ expertise in sustainability, supplier performance is measured online. Suppliers to be included in the sustainability review fill the sustainability survey online and add relevant supporting documents. Ecovadis analyzes the responses, reviews the documents and reports its findings. Analyses conducted by sustainability experts are accessible online. Plans and actions to be developed for sustainability are prioritized through this process. 

The results that include qualitative and quantitative data enable access to suppliers’ sustainability performances, performance comparisons with other companies in the industry and finally, analyses of their strengths and development areas. Moreover, the global team works in cooperation with risk managers and procurement department employees in various regions. Four risk levels are defined for each procurement category: Serious, high, medium and low. Suppliers are listed in the Sanofi Inca system based on their risk levels by applying risk methodology and high risk suppliers are defined accordingly. Through regional and category verification, final supplier list has been created by country.

Documents including RFI (request for information) and RFP (request for proposal) sent to suppliers in line with Sanofi’s advanced procurement processes set out professional details while developing suppliers. Documents for “Code of Conduct in Sanofi,” “Lobbying Policy,” “Anti-Bribery Policy,” “Policy on Accepting and/or Giving Gifts or Gratuities,” “Conflict of Interest Policy,” and “Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Rules in Suppliers” are attached to agreements of a strategic nature. While suppliers are provided information about Sanofi rules, their awareness of topics including ethics, corruption, occupational health and safety and environment is raised as well.  

In the supplier evaluation process, qualitative satisfaction assessment within the company is conducted by each individual who requests or uses services or goods.