Ensuring Ethics and Transparency

Check out our approaches and practices within the scope of our Ethics & Transparency commitment here.

Şeffaf Yönetim

1. Transparent Management Approach

Sanofi Turkey manages all its operations openly and transparently in line with sectoral business ethics and ensures direct, dialogue-focused and informative communication with employees while promoting open communication with other stakeholders as well. 

2. Practices Based on Ethical Rules

Sanofi Turkey carries out its activities in line with ethical principles and related policies declared by Sanofi Global. Sanofi Turkey, which regulates and conducts all operations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the region where it operates, is also committed to adhering to the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, International Labor Organization and Economic Cooperation and Development Organization. 

3. Human Rights Practices at Suppliers

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Sanofi Turkey is committed to supporting and implementing key principles of human rights, employee rights, protection of the ecological environment and prevention of corruption. In line with this commitment of Sanofi Global, Sanofi Turkey’s Procurement Department is responsible for procuring goods and services according to the Company's sustainability strategy in Turkey. 

4. Protecting Patient Health 

Sanofi Turkey's management approach focused on Protecting Patient Health involves generating integrated treatment solutions with the aim of accompanying the patient in every step of their health journey with innovative solutions to enhance their life and to improve the quality of patients’ treatment process.
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