Acting in awareness of our corporate citizenship, we incorporate all our sustainability efforts into our business strategies and prioritize our projects in line with the expectations of our stakeholders.

At Sanofi Turkey, we build all our activities around ethical and transparent governance. Within this framework, we at Sanofi Turkey classify our priority areas as access to high-quality healthcare for all; supporting the communities we live in; and preserving our planet through environmentally friendly policies.

At Sanofi Turkey, we contribute to the Continuity of Health with the aim of reaching out to more people through the community engagement programs we have been carrying out for many years and becoming a pioneer in different fields with new programs and products. Furthermore, we are active in the field of equal opportunities and education, which contribute to social development. 

Sustainability at Sanofi

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Ethics and Transparency

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Access to Health Care

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Engaging with Communities

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Healthy Planet

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Sustainability Reports

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